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I have changed

I freed myself from my past; it was a lesson, not a life sentence!

Yes, I admit…I used to be a not-always-nice-guy, I was arrogant and dominant, and I did things I shouldn’t have done! But I am honestly sorry for all of that, and I can confirm I have changed – luckily- that’s for sure and I am proud of that!

Life is full of surprises, surely when you get to an age where you sometimes look back realizing more than half of your life is probably behind you and less is still to go. It doesn’t mean I am afraid of getting old, on the contrary, it only shows that I already realize where I was good, where I was less good, and how to become even better than I ever was! And that’s a great feeling, the wonderful feeling you can only have when you just get more experienced in life! Hence the reason why I love my age too!

The past made me who I am now, so I don’t regret any part of it, but at least I am happy that some parts are over too 😉 But I had to pass over them to become who I am now…Some “Eye-openers” are wonderful!

The lesson I have learned, is that you must leave the past for what it is…just the past! And nothing more than that! As the famous proverb says: never be a prisoner of your past, it was a lesson, not a life sentence! So is my past, a lesson…

Honestly saying: I look forward to my future because I realize I get better year by year, just like a good wine. And instead of being afraid to get older, I look forward to it because I will be better; better as a person, as a human, as a partner, as a father but also as an entrepreneur, as a head-hunter, a coach and so much more. And that feeling is great!

Wishing you all a nice future too, just become better than you ever were, and the future will look bright! Go for it and enjoy life!

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