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Laws of attraction

Laws of Attractions are only meant to give you a goal to go for!

Laws of Attractions are only meant to give you a goal to go for!

Many people often are attracted by things, but they just don’t do anything special with that attraction. Instead of moving forward and just keep being attracted, why don’t you stand still and use that power, that attraction, to go for that goal and to reach it? Attraction is a very powerful power that drives you to things you might never thought you were able to do or to reach!

Dream it, wish it & do it and have attraction helping you!

Easy as hell, but 90% of the people won’t even give it a try. And giving it a try is the first step, using the power of attraction the second, plan your way to reach that goal a next one… and finally reaching your goal the last step after what you can enjoy the steps you’ve taken and the power that drove you to that …and enjoy the fact that attraction became reachable and just didn’t stay as an attraction as such.

After that, a new attraction will keep you going again, because the power of reaching goals is also a very attractive power that keeps you going and going, over and over again! Finally, you will realize you can go for almost anything you want in life!

How many of the men reading this were once attracted by sports car when they were young boys? And how many of you gentlemen really drove one they owned later on? I can tell you I did, I am proud of what I reached, and it kept me going as it showed me the power of what I was capable of doing! But it shall not only be material things by the way: the same happened when I told myself I wanted to run a marathon as I was attracted and impressioned by the people who did and reached their goal! It took me over 1.5 years of training, did not cost me any money at all except some running shoes, but the power it gave me when I passed that finish line was incredible ! Even more than driving a sports car honestly!!! And by the way, during that Berlin marathon I ran for almost 20 km behind a guy with a t-shirt that kept me going too: “pain is temporary, glory lasts forever!” Please keep that in mind too!

Knowing this, I challenge any of you to think deeply what really attracted you since years and years, where you didn’t do anything with that attraction, and where you as of now will put this as your personal goal!

I wish you all the best of powers to reach your goals and I look forward to reading your feedback too!

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