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Power of feedback

You know what I just realized ? That I have received more positive returns and feedback in the last 3 years as entrepreneur than I ever had in the 27 years before as employee within bigger and smaller companies! And that’s the hard truth ! Let it be a lesson for the managers reading this !

I now realize that feedback is like fuel to me, it keeps me going, keeps me driving, keeps me going day by day as good as I can and even better than that!

“Philippe knows the sector in deepness and is able to match companies and candidates like no other; he uses his strong people skills to get a good understanding of what people and companies are looking for; Philippe is a high level professional and at the same time very down to earth, human and honest; he is a strong communicator and reacts very quickly to the situation so that everyone knows where they stand at any point in the selection process. A wonderful experience!”

Things like these keep me going…a warm thank you from the heart to all my customers and candidates who keep driving and pushing me day by day! You are my world !!!

Have a great weekend and keep going, do what you like and like what you do !

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