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Instinct of a caveman

How some parts of the “cave-man instinct” now turns out to be a benefit in my job!

“You still have some parts of the instinct of a cave-man” I was told a couple of weeks ago. Euhm…Thanks Madam, but …what did you just say please?????

But she was right, totally right even! Funny to realize how things rudely and brutally openly said can turn out really true in a couple of minutes.

I was following a very interesting course on the importance of non-verbal communication, even during online meetings…something that is more important than you would realize and that is valid day-in-day-out nowadays.

And we talked about the importance of hands, and the fact that hands should be visible on your screen too.

I told her during the break that for me hands are the most important visible part ever of a human and that both privately as businesswise, I look at hands at first. I ever do since I was young decennia ago. Hands tell me everything about the person I look at. Whatever gender you have, whether you are young or old, hands are so important to me as for me they tell me who is on front if me without any single word to be spoken…   

When going into details that hands indeed are very important, she took me back to the stressful old times of the caveman, where the first thing you looked at when having someone in front of you were hands. Just to see if they were armed or not, if they were carrying a stone, a spear, a piece of wood or just nothing… Before looking into someone’s eyes or face, caveman first had a look at their hands…after that, when seeing they were not armed, you could decide in how to act yourself.

So, thousands and thousands of years later, I still seem to wear parts of that instinct, to see who is in front of me, what their hands already tell me, etc.

Just for your info: I am not interested in seeing nice or clean hands, on the contrary, I want to see the reflection of who you are, what you did, what is your past and or your actual; it shows me who you really are…I just can’t explain more, it is just how I feel…

Anyhow, since I heard about it, I not only got confirmation about my feeling for hands and how important they are, but also it draw my attention to show my own hands more than I ever did before, even in online meetings.

I adjusted my laptop, my desk and my camera, I adjusted my seat, and while seeing me on the screen you will not only see my face and neck or shoulders, but often also my hands, which I will use to confirm something for example…

The importance of hands, also in online meetings…think about it!

Ps: I only realized later on that my own company’s logo are hands that shake, never chosen because of this reason of course, but chosen because hands that shake for me do confirm a real deal, a real agreement between 2 people, what I want to do with customers and candidates when getting to a final deal and when reaching an agreement together. Let’s shake hands, deal confirmed, agreement done, challenged accepted, job done…

Wishing you all the best! Stay strong and stay safe!

Inspiring regards and remember:  Do what you like and like what you do! 

Note: the 2 pictures attached were taken earlier this week while I was writing this blog in Italy, and it confirms that even on pictures you will almost always see my hands too …

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