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Do charismatic people really have benefits?

Charismatic people do have more luck in life and/or business – true or false?


Ever thought that “Charismatic” people have more luck in life and/or business? Or…Don’t they?  

Would they really be luckier because of their appearance or the idea/feeling you have about how they just look? Or would they also be considered only for their talents and skills and not for their ‘appearance’?

Before we get to any answer or even conclusion: Let’s first start with the question: what is charisma in fact? Has anyone got an idea what it really is or means, except the fact that someone “perhaps” has a high degree of looking interesting, good, attractive or …?

Let’s have a quick google search: “charisma?”


In a course I followed a couple of months ago, charisma was defined as the feeling people have when there seems a right “balance” between the “warmth” and the “competence” you emit! And we only talk about the balance between them, not the level of any of them!

When both these warmth and competence look like in balance, you seem to be charismatic – as per our coach who is specialized in this.

Weeks and months of deep thoughts made me accept she is right and I consider her answer as correct and one of the best I ever read or heard…

I learned something important that day, even more: since then, I am interested to know if charismatic people would have an advantage towards others when I do my job as a recruiter.

As for me personally and honestly, I can assure you; they do NOT have an advantage when applying for a job or running for any vacancy. Perhaps even on the contrary, I do “squeeze” them inside-out perhaps more than others to ensure I only define their real talents, their skills, their knowledge and their personality, and nothing else!

The only thing I sincerely hope, is that all of our customers, all of these great companies who are looking for a specific talent or skill, do as we do and just look at the talents and not at their “appearance” …till now, I know all of them did! Luckily!

So however you look at charismatic people and think they might have a benefit: with us and while running for any vacancy, they WON’T!

Or do you still think they do in life?

Whatever your idea is, please share as I look forward to reading it.

Stay positive & do what you like and like what you do!

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