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Employers should think twice before they ruin an employee’s future!

Employers should think twice before they ruin their employees’future when these have decided to leave and employers have decided to keep them by offering money…just because they did not find a suitable replacement on time!

Sad but true: a candidate is not happy at her job and she feels he has no real long-term future within that company apart from continuing to do what she does, and this for the next decades. She is open to a new opportunity and we really feel the power in her. She is ambitious, we love that too!

Ideal candidate for us honestly…where we have been balancing her profile to really match with the right company. One shot and one trial company were enough, a great click between her and the new employer. First meeting, second meeting, offer made, agreement agreed upon. Contract prepared, signed and resignation handed in. So far so good!

Being a pure operational person and not having others to take over her job, she is asked to stay the time needed to find a new colleague. Logic! We keep weekly contact, together we discount the weeks, she is happy and looks forward to her new job.

Suddenly, on one of the last days of the last weeks, the bosses come in unexpectedly, ask her to join and make her a counterproposal where they match all of the agreement she has…a lot of blabla, a lot of pressure on the emotional side, they suddenly even have a better future for her to grow, apart from the sudden financial effort they make, etc…They make her doubt …and…she agrees to stay…

The so warm, motivated and ambitious person we got to meet suddenly turns into an ice-cold woman who just sends us an impersonal message saying she has got a counterproposal and she will stay, thanking us for the support and saying she will advise the other employer herself too. Strange, where did we go wrong?

Long story short: she even passed by the other employer, but that meeting was not as hoped for. Later she feels she got motivated again and admits she probably was caught on her emotions by her current employer earlier that day and finally she would sleep a night and let us know.

She slept the night …and finally decided she would just stay where she is.

Conclusion as food for thought for our dearest employers: when someone decides to leave you- and you accept even the resignation- please do not come back “buying” your employees to stay with you just because you did not find a suitable replacement on time. Their mind was gone, their soul was already at another place where there saw their future starting, and even if at the end they stay, you for sure have lost your loyal former employee. They now will stay just for the money. If your future together looks bright? I sincerely doubt as I am afraid they will be very unhappy soon, but there is no way back, they will learn they have taken the wrong decision. And finally, they will search elsewhere again, they will resign again, and you will need to start searching again…a big loss of time, of money.

Conclusion for our dearest candidates: please think twice before you sign a contract somewhere and please do NOT fall into the trap of staying at the end just for promises and/or money…you know they had all the chance to work on your future in the past and they did not…so please be aware that!





Just realize that, even when you were open for talks, when you were interviewed, when you were receiving an offer, when you decided to sign, you were already far away from your current employer…even staying afterwards will keep that gap and that bridge in place, be sure of that.

This being said, I wish all of you, employees and employers, to find the right matches that really do match and bring you a nice future together! And this hopefully for valid reasons, not only for money.

Let’s invest in the right people, in the right and real match, let’s onboard well, and your company will grow very soon having the right employees as happy employees are your best ambassadors!





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