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What the f**ck is wrong with common sense nowadays?

What the F**ck is wrong with common sense nowadays? It looks like some people have completely lost it!

Pfff…what to say without really being negative as this is absolutely not what I want to?

That I wonder how many people nowadays succeed in finding a new way of thinking in order not to use any common sense any longer? And that it will perhaps make their life easier and other people’s life more difficult?

Sometimes it looks like common sense is not a gift, it is perhaps more a punishment because you have to deal with everyone who doesn’t have it!

As a recruiter and talent acquisitor, we of course dig deep into candidates and try to find what their real talents are, what makes them special in knowledge and/or in experience, but also what their internal and personal values are for example. And we throw up some – as per our idea- logical cases to see how they react with normal “common sense”. Well…that seems to have disappeared with some people, more than ever…in the past, there were exceptions, quit logic and surely acceptable…but now the exception with some type of people, perhaps even more with some ages of people gets more the rule than the exception, which is not only a pity but in my idea even a danger. Where the f**ck has common sense gone to?

I may only hope one thing: that these people who lack any kind of common sense, at least excel in different things to us. If that is the case; fine with me: I’ll get your talent and where you excel in and we’ll find the perfect job your talent fits in! But if that is not the case, I would suggest; please dig out the internet, dig our books and get all you can to have some common sense back again for the future, it might bring you and all others around you a better and more successful life!

And to some coaches around me; has anyone of you ever thought to throw up a course on “Common sense-thinking” perhaps? Looks like some people might benefit from it!

Enjoy the day & do what you like and like what you do! And please…use your common sense, also when reacting to this post 😉



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