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“Work hard -Play hard” by people who lack any kind of passion???

“Work hard play hard” so many people say they do but looking at them I am convinced they don’t as most of them lack the most important thing to do so: Passion!

Passion?? The “thing” where logical thinking or acting stops and where something or someone becomes your drive, your motivation, your life and… your addiction perhaps?

Looking around me and combining this with knowledge from great books as “Passie” (Rudolf Hecke – top author & top book), I think there is really some truth that passions end common logical thinking or behaving. And that passion is a great thing, which I believe too many people just lack too!

Am I honest enough to translate this question to myself? Yes I do, and yes, I do have passions, some of them good and others are just…an addiction, I think.

First of all, on one hand surely a great one but on the other hand perhaps not always a “healthy” one: I do have a great a passion for my job, for what I do for living and what I just love; my life as a recruiter! Simple as hell! Hence the reason why I became entrepreneur and I have created my own company where I now just want to become the very best in the world in what we do! But on the other hand, this passion, this addition, sometimes also makes me blind for normal acting or behaving. Hence why it is also a kind of addiction.

Next to my passion for my work, I luckily do have a passion which is even as important as my passion for my job: a passion for Life and for my family! And that is a great one as it is the only thing that sometimes makes me stop my passion for work:  to enjoy life at the fullest! Day by day! Work hard play hard, so many people write it down and say they do but when I look at them, I am sure they don’t as they lack any kind of real passion! I think & believe I do, and it even makes me happy!

When you lack a passion on one side you can’t have one on the other neither I think. That famous “work hard play hard” is in my idea only possible when you have a passion for your job as it relates to your work…and there we are with the actual problem; except some fellow entrepreneurs, I haven’t seen many people with a passion for their jobs as they say they do. Much on the contrary!

Luckily, as a recruiter, I am looking for talents within people and for matching personal values…the lack of passion will not change my idea on them and their talents, as this is what I am looking for. But when I see people writing thigs as “Work hard Play hard” on their resume, be sure I will dig deep in our conversation and will make them face the brutal facts; do they really have a passion for their job as they say they do? Or do they just like the phrase as such not thinking further that their nose? Because in that case we are again in the other blog I wrote, the lack of common sense…anyway other topic 😉

As an important conclusion to me: I admit I am lucky and I have be thankful for having received and experienced a passion, as this passion really and clearly makes me happy, makes me driving for success, and makes me feeling good or even great, never having a feeling that I have to do something which I don’t like…Thanks Passion, love you!!!

Have a great day and to those “Passionists” reading this; enjoy your passion, I am proud of you all, go go gooooo!

Inspiring regards to all



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