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Youngsters should live free – a message to the older generation!

When I was young, older people were always telling us how to do, what to do, etc. They all really thought they knew it better, but I realize just now they were just completely WRONG!

Wrong because they just did not understand us, the younger generation…they were old and they thought they knew it all better telling us constantly! None was smart enough to realize they had no clue at all!

Now that I am “older” – if to say so – and that I am one of the “older” generation, I think I might understand the youngsters by ensuring I do not understand them at all in fact, and by saying nothing, I think I am right now!

Talking about a mentality change this may count, doesn’t it?

You all remember what you all heard being young? Things like that our music was not good, “their”- the older generation- music was better, “that” was music, etc. And so was the case with so much more:  Education at school? Oh the past was better…Name it and we all heard that the past was better and the actual youngsters were wrong and bla bla bla.

And you should do this, you should NOT do that…pfff

They were not even open to consider times had hanged – they hang in their old heads thinking they were better and right and that times will never change and still are as they knew it. They were so WRONG!!!

Now that I am older myself, I realize times do have changed and who I am to say my time was better? It was just different; it was my time and now is theirs! No single time is better at all, it is just the present, it’s their gift, and I experience my present totally different as they experience theirs!

Imagine I would never dare to tell youngsters what to do because I think I know it better, I never ever will! I have no clue how it feels to be twenty in the twenty twenties…no clue at all, so how could I tell them what to do or not to do or …?

If there is any advice I would like to give to my fellow “Old” friends who all read this: please respect that times have changed and please stop telling youngsters what to do or how to do!

On the contrary; if you think out loud and if you are a little smart to say so, you should realize that you can NOT give any speech at all on what to do, as you are not even aware of how it feels to be young in these actual times, which are totally different that in our times.

So please, in respect of all youngsters:  You can give an advice if you really want, or a suggestion, but even then: you have no clue of the actual times, so let them live, let them try and let them learn. They will get there, no worry even without our old advice! I personally sometimes give an advice or suggestion to my +20 years old son – yes I do – but clearly mentioning it is an advice or suggestion based on perhaps an experience but having no clue of his situation and his world in 2022…so I might even just be wrong with my advice too, he should take it with a big question mark, perhaps making an advantage out of it, or not…his choice!

But I’ll never tell him what to do as my parents told me in the past! Never!

The nicest thing you can give our current youngsters is freedom to find out who they are and what they want, on their way, not on our old fashion way. And let them do!

To all youngsters; enjoy life, live and learn from yourself as much as possible!!! And forgive the older ones who always tell you what to do, they have no clue but don’t even realize times have changed! Be smarter, don’t listen or don’t take it all as granted and right, but do your own thing! Accept an advice if you want, but don’t consider it as right or granted.


Old Phil

Note: looking at the picture, hair for me was for the future when being new-born, was actual being the actual generation and was from the past being the past generation too, funny thing isn’t it 😉

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