Youngsters should live free – a message to the older generation!

When I was young, older people were always telling us how to do, what to do, etc. They all really thought they knew it better, but I realize just now they were just completely WRONG! Wrong because they just did not understand us, the younger generation…they were old and they thought they knew it all […]

“Work hard -Play hard” by people who lack any kind of passion???

“Work hard play hard” so many people say they do but looking at them I am convinced they don’t as most of them lack the most important thing to do so: Passion! Passion?? The “thing” where logical thinking or acting stops and where something or someone becomes your drive, your motivation, your life and… your […]

What the f**ck is wrong with common sense nowadays?

What the F**ck is wrong with common sense nowadays? It looks like some people have completely lost it! Pfff…what to say without really being negative as this is absolutely not what I want to? That I wonder how many people nowadays succeed in finding a new way of thinking in order not to use any […]

Do charismatic people really have benefits?

Charismatic people do have more luck in life and/or business – true or false?   Ever thought that “Charismatic” people have more luck in life and/or business? Or…Don’t they?   Would they really be luckier because of their appearance or the idea/feeling you have about how they just look? Or would they also be considered […]

Employers should think twice before they ruin an employee’s future!

Employers should think twice before they ruin their employees’future when these have decided to leave and employers have decided to keep them by offering money…just because they did not find a suitable replacement on time! Sad but true: a candidate is not happy at her job and she feels he has no real long-term future […]

Instinct of a caveman

How some parts of the “cave-man instinct” now turns out to be a benefit in my job! “You still have some parts of the instinct of a cave-man” I was told a couple of weeks ago. Euhm…Thanks Madam, but …what did you just say please????? But she was right, totally right even! Funny to realize […]

Power of feedback

You know what I just realized ? That I have received more positive returns and feedback in the last 3 years as entrepreneur than I ever had in the 27 years before as employee within bigger and smaller companies! And that’s the hard truth ! Let it be a lesson for the managers reading this […]